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Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

The whole story begins and ends with your club

Since day one, we have been in this for the longterm.  When we first started,we were focused on only playing ourselves. But now, since our own children have arrived, we see how things change, and the trials and tribulations (and Joy) that parenting a football hungry child can bring. As a company that has built their reputation on designing and making gaelic gloves, we brainstormed some ideas that we could deliver, that might make things a little easier for parents.... Enter BUY A PAIR, GIVE A PAIR




Everytime a player buys a pair of Adult Black or White Gloves , we will send out a Pair of Kids Gloves with the order ( they choose the size)

The Player then gives the gloves to the mentor of the appropriate team.

So the next time little John, or Annie loose their gloves or need a new pair, the mentor has a pair for them

It's a win win, in that its good PR for the Club, and the adult player realises that there is much more to the club than them just playing ( we all thought this at one time)