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Johnny Cooper got caught....

Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on

Defending is all about context. The proper defensive position in one game is not necessarily the proper position for the next game, even if the situation looks the same.

In last weekend's All Ireland Final, Johnny Cooper made the decision to play a yard in front of Clifford, as his default position. On the face of it, this seemed fine, but given the factors presented in the build up to the goal, Johnny should have played it differently

He should have considered...

1. He was the last man back and isolated, so a ball over the top was going put him in trouble

2. His Team Mates were not touch tight to get pressure on any long delivery

3. It was Kerry they were playing, who have many players capable of playing long accurate ball with the foot

So rather than playing a yard in front, Johnny should have taken 2-3 steps back and taken a safer defensive position. When he did realise the ball was being delivered over his head, he had to turn around, see where Clifford was, and then try to recover. It was too late. Whether or not it was a penalty is a different debate....

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The Goal That Beat Mayo 2019 Part 2

There have been alot of comments from people saying that nobody could have defended that goal. Lee Keegan is as strong and athletic as Con O Callaghan, so it had to come down to poor defending or smart forward play.If  you look at the O' Callaghan Goal from behind the goal, you can can see [...]

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The Goal That Beat Mayo 2019

There are key moments in every game. We all know that. In Dublin V Mayo 2019, the key moment was when Con O' Callaghan scored his first goal ( Mayo needed to stay in the game for the first 15 minutes of the second half). While Dublin did up the intensity in the second half, there [...]

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The One Minute Defender Ver 2.5

This is a copy of the notes that I had planned to use to focus the videos on the One Minute Defender Course. While this is not complete, I think it is a good starting point. Please excuse any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.Click Here To Download a PDF Version===========================================================Mechanics and First StepThere are 2 fundamentals that every [...]

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The Near Hand Tackle

If you've done any level of coaching or playing, no doubt you've come across the Near Hand Tackle. It has been put up there as the Panacea of tackling. But for all my years playing, coaching, and watching football, I could count on 2 hands the number of times that the near hand tackle has [...]

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When You Think You're Done, You've Just Begun

"When you think you're done, you've just begun"No matter where you find yourself, no matter how low things are, or how far off the pace you've become, this is a simple yet powerful philosophy, that can only lead to better.It can be used at a certain point in your career, a particular point in the [...]

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The "Storm Emma" Lesson

We are after experiencing one of the worst weather events in Ireland in decades. While the weather itself was remarkable, what is even more remarkable is the low numbers of fatalities and injuries that it caused.We were hearing from the powers that be for about one week before the storm arrived, how serious it was [...]

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What About Your Goals Now?

February is a funny month. It ends much quicker than every other month. Even though it's only 2 days shorter, it is always ,suddenly, the month March. And it is always a good time to take stock of where you are at.Do you remember the promises you made to yourself at the start of the [...]

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Players are Predictable

Every player has a repertoire of skills, knowledge, techniques and habits ( we'll call them "things they do") that they bring to every match.If we apply what they call 80/20 thinking to analysing this player, it should follow that they will use 20% of these "things they do", 80% of the timeIf you figure out [...]

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Quickly Improve your match running ability.

The ability to run hard, often, is a very important requirement for the modern footballer.Over the last number of years, as the time I can give to training has become less and less, I've always found myself returning to 4 minute repeats. It would generally consist of the following workoutRun for 4 minutes at 90-95% [...]

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