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Why your goal keeper should play as the sweeper in front of the Full Forward Line.

Most teams nowadays try to create 1v1 situations in the scoring areas. This often means moving the ball quickly to this area before the defensive blanket gets set up.Players always play what they see, and will generally not rely on the other senses for their decision making.If a player out the field looks up and [...]

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What if you were a point down with 1 minute to go?

What if you were a point down with 1 minute to go?What would you do? How would you play? How intense would you be?Why not play like this from the start.....

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Simple Recovery Ideas that you can implement today

Cool Down Properly - Not a Quick Stretch, but a light jog until your heart rate comes back to its normal resting rate, followed by light stretching of the main musclesTake a Recovery Shake immediately after training - A 2:1 Carbs to Protein Shake is the ideal, as it will help repair broken down muscle, [...]

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The Most Important Skill

First Touch.Without good first touch, everything else is irrelevant.Peter Canavan was probably the greatest footballer of his generation, and his ability to kick scores off two feet was legendary.But the most overlooked skill that Canavan possessed was his ability to win his own ball, first time, even when players were hanging out of him.His near [...]

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What the Stats don't measure

In GAA, there are stats for everything nowadays.Tackle Count, Touches, Support Runs Made, Passes Completed....EtcWhile it definitely focuses players minds on important issues, it possibly deflects from a very important metric.Who stood up when it was really needed, at critical moments in games.Great players have that ability, to look for and  seize those critical moments. [...]

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Done is all that matters....

“Done is all that matters. Not thinking about doing, not getting ready to get started, not understanding why something works before your do it. DONE is all that counts. Dont tell me what you are going to do about a problem, tell me what you done about it today.”

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Lose Empty

There is no shame in LosingBut if you're going to be lose, lose empty.Empty Mentally, and empty physically.

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Analyse your Player

Some Random Questions you should know about your opponent as a defender....What foot do they kick off?What side do they turn most with back to goal?What side do they like to take you on, when running at you?When you are marking them - do they....Push off you?make dummy runs? What dummy runs?physically out muscle you? [...]

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Goal Achievers

A lot of people talk about Goal Setting - This part is easyBut what about Goal Achieving?Goal Achieving is about identifying the hard parts of achieving your goals, and then writting down what you are going to do when these hard parts arise.Here's a poster to help you Goal AchiversFell free to give this out to [...]

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