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Done is all that matters....

“Done is all that matters. Not thinking about doing, not getting ready to get started, not understanding why something works before your do it. DONE is all that counts. Dont tell me what you are going to do about a problem, tell me what you done about it today.”

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Lose Empty

There is no shame in LosingBut if you're going to be lose, lose empty.Empty Mentally, and empty physically.

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Analyse your Player

Some Random Questions you should know about your opponent as a defender....What foot do they kick off?What side do they turn most with back to goal?What side do they like to take you on, when running at you?When you are marking them - do they....Push off you?make dummy runs? What dummy runs?physically out muscle you? [...]

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Goal Achievers

A lot of people talk about Goal Setting - This part is easyBut what about Goal Achieving?Goal Achieving is about identifying the hard parts of achieving your goals, and then writting down what you are going to do when these hard parts arise.Here's a poster to help you Goal AchiversFell free to give this out to [...]

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No, food is NOT fuel. (And, thankfully, you’re not a Ferrari.)

Fitness and nutrition professionals often say that to get in shape, you have to treat food as “fuel”. We disagree. Here’s why.Something’s been bothering us lately. We keep hearing this analogy:“Food is fuel.” You know, like gasoline.And we keep hearing:“The human body is like a high performance race car.” You know, like a Ferrari.So, you [...]

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Get Your Handling Right

The importance of ball handling in Gaelic football cannot be over sated. In fact, no matter what level you are playing at, ball handling is the single most important skill that a player can have. Very often, our ball handling skills come from the various drills that coaches run, and we will often hear terms [...]

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​Defending from the front, the side or behind

We often hear coaches shout from the sidelines push up on your man, play side by side, play in front. Every coach has their preferred method for defenders to defend. But can they all be right?If we coach forwards , we tell them to vary their runs, we try to encourage them to be unpredictable [...]

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​The Circle of Fun, Challenge, Success, and Confidence

A simple, repeatable, and reliable coaching philosophyAs a coach you pick up so many different quotes and ideas from different areas. The ones that stick are nearly always based on simple truth and fact. “Simple things don’t break down”, “Head , Hands, Feet”, B.A.D. Ball- Attacker – Defender, the list goes on. The FCSC coaching [...]

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​My name is AV

Friends who know me will tell you I often wind them upi with the statement, “I can’t wait until tomorrow”. When they ask, “What’s on tomorrow”, I retort with a smile, “Oh, I get better looking every day”. I will use this theme of ADDING VALUE to oneself over the next few months when taking courses such as Learning Skills, [...]

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