GP Influencer Program

Partner With Us And Start Earning Monthly Recurring Revenue


We created The GAELICperformance influencer program as a way for players to earn money by promoting our products. Influencer marketing is a key strategy for many of the world's leading brands, including Nike and Adidas.

How does it work?

You apply to become part of our influencer program

If there is a good fit, we provide you with some free products, and  your unique discount code that will give your followers 10% off all purchases from our website.

We track your sales through your code, and pay your 20% commission on all sales that you generate.

How much could you make?

That is entirely up to you, and rather than tell you what to post and say, we let you use your own voice in as only you can. In fact, we recommend you only promote our products if you genuinely believe they will help other players perform better.  

Let's say you influenced 100 people to buy a mouthguard from an instagram post you put out, you would receive €450 in commission.

If you are interested in learning more about the influencer program, simply drop us an email to

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