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Posted by GaelicPerformance on 19th Jun 2014

The Sideline is your strongest Defender.

Getting turnovers in the attacking half of the pitch is one of those things that can really change a match, as the defence is often out of position, and big scores can come of these turnovers.The coac …

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Posted by GaelicPerformance on 5th Jun 2014

Simple Recovery Ideas that you can implement today

Cool Down Properly - Not a Quick Stretch, but a light jog until your heart rate comes back to its normal resting rate, followed by light stretching of the main musclesTake a Recovery Shake immediately …

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Posted by GaelicPerformance on 4th Jun 2014

The Most Important Skill

First Touch.Without good first touch, everything else is irrelevant.Peter Canavan was probably the greatest footballer of his generation, and his ability to kick scores off two feet was legendary.But …

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Posted by GaelicPerformance on 3rd Jun 2014

What the Stats don't measure

In GAA, there are stats for everything nowadays.Tackle Count, Touches, Support Runs Made, Passes Completed....EtcWhile it definitely focuses players minds on important issues, it possibly deflects fro …

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