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Posted by UnKnown on 29th May 2014

Done is all that matters....

“Done is all that matters. Not thinking about doing, not getting ready to get started, not understanding why something works before your do it. DONE is all that counts. Dont tell me what you are going …

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Posted by GaelicPerformance on 28th May 2014

Lose Empty

There is no shame in LosingBut if you're going to be lose, lose empty.Empty Mentally, and empty physically.

Posted by GaelicPerformance on 27th May 2014

Analyse your Player

Some Random Questions you should know about your opponent as a defender....What foot do they kick off?What side do they turn most with back to goal?What side do they like to take you on, when running …

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Posted by Gaelic Performance on 19th Mar 2014

Goal Achievers

A lot of people talk about Goal Setting - This part is easyBut what about Goal Achieving?Goal Achieving is about identifying the hard parts of achieving your goals, and then writting down what you are …

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Posted by Precision Nutrition(JOHN BERARDI, BRIAN ST. PIERRE, AND KRISTA SCOTT-DIXON) on 6th Mar 2014

No, food is NOT fuel. (And, thankfully, you’re not a Ferrari.)

Fitness and nutrition professionals often say that to get in shape, you have to treat food as “fuel”. We disagree. Here’s why.Something’s been bothering us lately. We keep hearing this analogy:“Food i …

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