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Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on 14th Mar 2018

When You Think You're Done, You've Just Begun

"When you think you're done, you've just begun"No matter where you find yourself, no matter how low things are, or how far off the pace you've become, this is a simple yet powerful philosophy, that ca …

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Posted by Dermot MC Ardle on 6th Mar 2018

The "Storm Emma" Lesson

We are after experiencing one of the worst weather events in Ireland in decades. While the weather itself was remarkable, what is even more remarkable is the low numbers of fatalities and injuries tha …

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Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on 28th Feb 2018

What About Your Goals Now?

February is a funny month. It ends much quicker than every other month. Even though it's only 2 days shorter, it is always ,suddenly, the month March. And it is always a good time to take stock of whe …

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Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on 22nd Feb 2018

Players are Predictable

Every player has a repertoire of skills, knowledge, techniques and habits ( we'll call them "things they do") that they bring to every match.If we apply what they call 80/20 thinking to analysing this …

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13th Feb 2018

Quickly Improve your match running ability.

The ability to run hard, often, is a very important requirement for the modern footballer.Over the last number of years, as the time I can give to training has become less and less, I've always found …

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Posted by GaelicPerformance on 7th Feb 2018

The Practical Importance of Recovery

Recovery is the word on everybody's lips these days, and for good reason. Without adequate recovery, the body finds it harder to return to or improve on pre training/match levels.3 important factors i …

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