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The Ronnie Delaney Rehearsal...

Yesterday on the Ray D'arcy Radio show on RTE, there was an excellent piece with former Olympic Champion Ronnie Delaney.Two things really stood out from the interview.Firstly, how humble Ronnie Delaney was, as he thanked Ray for asking questions that sort of jogged his memory. It was a brilliant piece of radio.Secondly, what listeners might [...]

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Basics of Nutrition

The guys at came up with this very simple info graphic that bet counting calories

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Basics of Training

As Coaches and players, its sometimes good to remind ourselves of the basics of trainingSpecificity - To Improve a given skill,movement, etc , its best to practice what you want to improveIndividualisation - Different players respond differently to different types of training.Overload - For change and gains to happen, the body/team must be pushed beyond [...]

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Become a Great Tactician....

Here are a list of variables that you can tinker with to become a great tacticianSurprise - Can you add an element of surprise that will reap rewards before the opposition get time to counteract, or will the surprise force the opposition to change their gameplan.Speed - Applying greater speed ( Running / kicking/ general [...]

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The Ultimate Team Player

For years Bernard Brogan was seen as a very stylish, individual type player. The type of player who could win a game on his own. But the flip side to this was that he often took on things that were near impossible, which would result in wides and turnovers, but most of all, fuel for [...]

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How powerful is tradition?

All the talk after Killkenny won the 2015 All-Ireland, was about the speech Jackie Tyrrell gave at half time to rally the team. And going by the reaction of the Killkenny players, it was one hell of a motivator for them.But as Jackie himself said, the players still had to go back out and perform [...]

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Why the GAA is a brilliant marketing machine.

Over the next few weekends we will see the GAA marketing machine in action as the All-Ireland series come to a conclusion. It is a great opportunity for the GAA to showcase Croke Park,along with the great skill and excitement that it all brings at this time of year. €1000s will be spent to really [...]

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Would this one simple rule change help define the tackle?

The tackle, the tackle, the much debate, so much controversy.Firstly, lets see what the GAA say----------------------------------------------------The tackle is a skill by which a player may dispossess an opponent or frustrate his objective within the rules of fair play. The tackle is aimed at the ball, not the player.The tackler may use his body to [...]

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Bumpers in Bowling

In another life, Ten Pin Bowling is part of our business.About two years ago we took away the safety net of the bumpers. For those of you who have never bowled before, the bumpers prevent the ball from going into the gutters, ensuring that the person playing hits at least 1 pin.Why did we take [...]

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Are You A Trainer Or A Coach?

I get two texts from friends of mine. Both have started taking training sessions with teams in their respective clubs. The first one is along the lines of ‘I’ve just started doing a bit of coaching,have you any drills for me?’. The other guy comes to me and says ‘The under fourteens I’m coaching are [...]

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