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The problem with cones.....

Without doubt, cones are one of the most useful inventions when it comes to running training sessions.Some would also argue that coaches should not need cones to conduct a session, as there are no cones during the game - Fair enough.But for coaches who do use cones, be aware of what cones can also teach.... They [...]

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Drill of the Day

Todays FREE Drill: Double Up Twice In this Drill, the 2 defenders must try and prevent both forwards from scoring. The should focus on clear communication, and taking control of the attackers options. Set up the Drill as in the animation, with 2 defenders in the middle and 2 attackers at either end. Both attackers start with [...]

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A Simple Game Plan

What are our opposition Strengths and Weaknesses?What Tactics are available to us to exploit/Counteract these?What are the best tactics to use, given our technical skill set?

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Actual Importance of Body Language

We often see players walking around in pre match parades with the head held high, chest out , shoulders wide. They have that look of  peacock strutting their stuff, they look much bigger than they actually are, and look ready for action. On the other hand we also see players looking nervous, with their head [...]

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The Simple Secret to Conor Mc Manus

We were chatting to Conor Mc Manus this week, just having a general chat.During the conversation we talked about all sorts of things - Blanket defences, refereeing, Strength and conditioning, skills....etcOne of the main things we took from the chat was how Conor fine tunes his scoring ability, and how he uses a very simple [...]

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Breaking the Blanket - Part 4 - Width and Smart Movement

Width and Smart Movement In this animation we show how playing 4 players in wide positions, and teaching your players to move smartly, can help unlock a blanket defence.For more drills and animations go to

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Score at Either End

While we don't really feel there is a need to change the current rules, we felt that Joe Brolly's article in the Sunday Independent was a good starting point for a debate on the subject of "Rule Changes to counter the Blanket Defence". At senior level,lets not try and cod ourselves that we play only for the [...]

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Breaking the Blanket Part 3 - Run from Wide

In this animation we present an idea where players make their runs from wide across the goal, rather than from the goal out towards the ball If you would like to see more drills games and ideas visit our sister website

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Breaking the blanket 2 - Play 6 at 14

Play 6 at 14Continuing on the theme of breaking the blanket, play 6 at 14 offers a very simple idea that puts the defence under pressure no matter what way they set up.REMEMBER - the idea for any attack or any attacking player is to be unpredictableSetting up 6 at 14, simply means that as [...]

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Breaking the Blanket Part 1 - Overload

One of the biggest advantages for the attacking team faced with the Blanket Defence is that it allows alot of unpressurised time on the ball for players out the field. This presents huge opportunities for the attacking team, if they are smart and well rehearsed. In basket ball, teams use different types of formations during [...]

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