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Who will challenge O'Neills and how will they do it?

Firstly, we want to say that we think that O'Neills are a fantastic company. They make great quality products and implement brilliant design across a whole range of products. If you were comparing them to an actual GAA team, you would have to say that they are Kerry or Kilkenny, thats how dominant they are.In [...]

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Blanket,Blanket,Blanket.....Something new please!!

The blanket defence has been one of the most debated aspects of gaelic football over the last 10 years. Whatever side of the argument you are on, it doesn't matter...What matters is winning and losing...Isn't it? And managers will do whatever gives their team the best chance.The problem or the beauty of the "Blanket Defence" [...]

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GP Chronicles No 2

The 'Scrapbook Chronicles' will bookmark what caught our eye, the stuff that inspired us, and log what we are up to as a small sports company making our way in the world. I hope you enjoy them. View this email in your browser [...]

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Catch and Kick - Casual Gaelic

The latest figures on Sports Participation in Ireland show that Gaelic Games accounts for only 4.0% of total numbers participating in sport. This is surprisingly low, given the perceived popularity of gaelic games. The obvious reason is the difficulty in playing a casual version of the sports, compared to say soccer. So when players finish playing, [...]

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What can the GAA learn from the banking crisis?

Prior to the banking crisis of 2008, the government had sat back and overseen a decade of light touch regulation. The argument was that the "markets" would sort everything out naturally, and winners and losers were just part of the game. Anglo Irish Bank had made aggressive moves in the property development market, and the [...]

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When the S&%T hits the Fan

We've all been to team meetings/talks, where the best plans in the world are laid out on the table. Managers, selectors, and players are bubbling with enthusiasm, where there is nothing but positive talk. Goals are set, and dreams are born. Nothing is going to stop us from achieving.In fact, any negative talk is frowned upon, [...]

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HardWork v SmartWork

An appetite for hard work is fundamental for success in all sports. But the hardest working team does not always win the prize. Most managers will ask their team to work harder than the opposition, but the top managers ask their team to work smarter than the opposition.Smart work is based solely around having a solid [...]

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The Mc Donaldization of Gaelic Games...

No doubt this is a very nice Presentation of some very important and quantifiable elements of the game.But is this just shallow analysis?Lets take Accuracy for example: 55%/85%  - On the face of it, it looks like Mc Namara is way ahead( and possibly is).  But these figures do not take into account several key [...]

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Hamstring Strain Rehab Protocol

Here is a screen shot of the new GP Team Support SystemThe TSS provides expertise in the areas of S+C, Rehab, Nutrition, Drills and SkillsYou can assign programs to players like the one belowPhase 1

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If Management

If Statements in Computer Programming dictate the flow of a Computer  Programme. IF some condition is met then something else happensLets take an example:if ( user <= 18 ) {system.out.println(" You are still a minor, come back next year to play Senior")Elsesystem.out.println(" Put on your jersey and get playing")}This simple program, sees what age the [...]

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