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​My name is AV

Friends who know me will tell you I often wind them upi with the statement, “I can’t wait until tomorrow”. When they ask, “What’s on tomorrow”, I retort with a smile, “Oh, I get better looking every day”. I will use this theme of ADDING VALUE to oneself over the next few months when taking courses such as Learning Skills, [...]

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​Think smarter not harder

Recently I met a man whose team had lost an important game. When I asked him how it went, he just engaged me with a rant of full expletives. “Don’t talk to me, it was a shambles. No marking at all, second to the ball every time. A complete lack of concentration all round. Up front the forwards did [...]

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He was a great man to...

This is the Dilemma.What type of player should we be?Should we spend time in training trying to become better at things we are average at?Should we spend time in training becoming world class in the 1 thing we are really good at?Perhaps this is the reason “Man Marking” is so easy. You have to become [...]

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What makes champions tick?

IT all started last Thursday when Dominican Republic's Felix Sanchez won his first, and also his country's first ever,' gold medal at the Olympics, via the 400 metres hurdles. It continued with GB's Kelly Holmes winning two running gold medals at the end of a long career, her first Olympic medals. These remarkable achievements dwelt [...]

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Getting your Game Sense

Getting your game senseRecently I was asked what I meant when I spoke or wrote about coaching “GAME SENSE”. I said in reply that he was simply coaching how to play the “game”, no matter what the sport. I went on to say that my understanding of game sense was taught to me by observing [...]

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Take Action

Take actionA LOT of teams who don't achieve do so simply because they didn't do anything. Their self talk is 'If it happens again, we will' or 'the next time, I will..' or 'If we don't do something..' or 'I must do something etc. The world doesn't pay us for what we know, it pays [...]

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