Gaelic sports rely greatly on speed. By following the exercises in the video below, the fast twitch muscle fibres in your hamstrings, quads and glutes will be activated to develop increased levels of speed and power. Using the Speed Bands while doing ladder drills and other agility exercises will develop strength in your legs for that quick side-step to wrong foot your opponents.

Gaelic sports require players to be able to jump high so therefore they must train for power. Squats, dead-lifts and power cleans are important exercises for Senior GAA players, however used along with the Speed Bands will guarantee greater results. 

Simply wrap a strap around each leg, connect the resistance bands and your hamstrings and glutes will begin firing. The muscles in the thigh and core region along with the calfs are responsible for the vertical jump so use the Speed Bands to train these specific muscle groups.


Resisted Sprints with TJ Reid and Anthony Geoghegan



Team Training With Speed Bands

Aaron Kernan Doing a Session With Speed Bands