WE ARE YOU - Replace We with You

We are innovative, creative, and artistic. We think about the game. We want to be the best. We will do what ever it takes. We are passionate. We will persist. We will overcome. We will work. If there is no way, we will find a way, if we cannot find a way, we will make a way. We are skilful. We are small, but we are fast and powerful. We are big, but we are agile and supple.  We can beat the biggest teams. We are in your face. We force you to turn over the ball. We will dive on your boot, and block your stick with our heads. We love dirty ball, breaking ball, and especially wet and dreary weather. When we slip, we get up, when we loose, we immediately focus on the next ball or next match. We are relentless. We will out play you, we will out fight you, we will out think you, we will out work you, we will out smart, we will out score you. We will have a plan for kick outs, yours and ours.  We think big. We do the basics right. We make good decisions, we move the ball quickly. We have vision. We must control what we can contol, we msut stay in control. We can time passes correctly. We know acceleration , speed, and power are vital, we also know we most stop quickly. We will take responsibility every time. We will shoot when the shot is there, we will pass when the pass is there, we will take our opponent on to put them to the test. We will look into our opponents eyes, put them to the pin of their collar. We will run straight for goal. We will think quickly at all times. There are no breaks, except at half time and full time. We will concentrate at all times. We know commitment is easily talked about. We know to fully commit is liberating. We see the big picture, the bigger vision. We know that we only have a lend of this jersey, there were players before us, there will be players after us.  We know the greatest enemy is within. We know it’s the unseen things that win matches. We recognise and admit to fear, we acknowledge it, it drives us on. We know that there is no substitute for practice. We know there are better players than us. We know we are the best. We recognise when a game is in the melting pot and something needs to be done. We will make the supporting runs every time, we will make the tackles. We have class. We are Skilful. We Party, we celebrate when the time is right, we abstain at all other times. We don’t sleep some nights thinking about matches. We worry more about Club games than county games. The national anthem makes us nervous. Our legs go weak early on in matches, our tounges go dry, we feel like we have never trained. Sometimes we will not want the ball, other times we will demand it. We know that you are only as good as your last game, we also know this is not true. We know we cannot be marked, we know some days we can. We know the scoring areas, we know who the scorers are. We know when to be tight, we know when to be loose. We know our team mates, we trust our team mates. We know when to play high ball, we know when to play low ball. We move the ball quickly, we move the ball slowly, we know when. We will foul intentionally, we will foul unintentionally. We will get destroyed by some opponents; we will destroy some opponents. We can jump high. We are artists. We are workers. We are fighters .We will travel 100s of miles to play matches that seem insignificant. We will take abuse mentally and physically, we will not quit. We know what is expected off us. We know our opponents strengths, we know our opponents weaknesses. We respect our opponents, but hold no fears of them. We make mistakes, we move on. We get taken off, we get taken on. We sometimes sit on the bench, we still think team. We get injured, we play when injured. We love team meetings, we hate team meetings, we love team talks, we hate team talks. Passionate managers fire us up. We time our runs, we know how to create space. We have trained over 10,000 hours, so what... We have suffered, we have endured, and now we are ready to rise up. The pain has built up inside of us, but has made us strong. We have tasted defeat once too often, but we are ready to use this to bring us across the line. We want to go to new places. We know that we need to make the decision inside our heads first. We know nobody will give us anything easy, we must grab every opportunity with both hands and not let go. We know there will be days when we ask, what are we doing, we must block out all negative emotions and thoughts and move forward. We know the mighty fall, but rise up again.  We know matches are won and lost in the last 10 minutes. We know the importance of a good free taker, and the importance of not fouling. We know it is important to hold onto the ball. We know that how to break down the blanket defence, we know how to break down the full pressure defence. We know players buy frees, we know players dive. We will argue our points with referees, we know to respect referees. We know how to high catch, we know how to break. We have had broken bones, broken teeth, broken noses and broken hearts. We came back for more. We will train early in the mornings, we will train late at night. We will give you all that we have got everytime. We will walk with our heads held high, we are proud men. We know we represent our families traditions and honour. We know our club is an important part of what we have in life. We know it is about the team , not about us. We play on the edge, on the verge of fighting, we play with steel. We will eat right, we will eat wrong, we will be fully hydrated, we will be fully dehydrated. But we will play. We will be honest. We will push up tight, we will put you on the back foot. If you win possession, we will know what you are going to do with the ball. We are not predictable. We will give team talks if it is required. We will explain to you. We will make you understand. We will play the system, but the system will not bind or define us. We will adapt. We will play until the final whistle because we know it is not over until the final whistle. YOU KNOW ALL THESE THINGS, YOU HAVE DONE ALL THESE THINGS, YOU UNDERSTAND ALL THESE THINGS. WE ARE YOU.