Posted by GaelicPerformance on 6th Oct 2015

Basics of Training

As Coaches and players, its sometimes good to remind ourselves of the basics of training

Specificity - To Improve a given skill,movement, etc , its best to practice what you want to improve

Individualisation - Different players respond differently to different types of training.

Overload - For change and gains to happen, the body/team must be pushed beyond what it currently does. Here are different ways it can be done

Frequency - Train more. Given adequate recovery, the more we train with the right type of training, the better.

Intensity - How much work can you get done in a set period of time. More the better.

Type - Change up the type of training - BodyWeight V Free Weights

Time - How long each session actually sends

Adaptation - Once pushed beyond its normal limits, the body learns to adapt and accept these limits as normal

Reversibility - Once a player stops training, the gains made will gradually go in reverse until the player is back to where they started or worse. Complete rest of more than 2 weeks is not recommended.