Posted by GaelicPerformance on 14th May 2015

Breaking the blanket 2 - Play 6 at 14

Play 6 at 14

Continuing on the theme of breaking the blanket, play 6 at 14 offers a very simple idea that puts the defence under pressure no matter what way they set up.

REMEMBER - the idea for any attack or any attacking player is to be unpredictable

Setting up 6 at 14, simply means that as the play develops out the field, 6 players( or more if you choose) go straight in and occupy the area of the large rectangle.

This does 4 things

  1.  Pushes the communication skills of the defence to the limit - Who takes who, what does the sweeper do, who jumps for the high ball, who plays in front, are they going to kick it in, are they going to run it......Confusion
  2. Allows your out field players to play a long ball or Opens up space to run the ball into 30 - 50 yards from goal for them to run into
  3. Allows you to get pressure on quickly on the outlet ball if it is turned over - remember the aim of the blanket defence is ultimately to play counter attacking football. If they have all their players back, you know for sure that the first few passes will be tight and made with the hand - This in itself presents a big opportunity for a turnover.
  4. Makes sure you can keep a secure structure at the back

Again this is just another way to break the blanket, and you will have your own ideas on this. We would encourage you to have several systems that you can call on at any given time