Posted by GaelicPerformance on 13th May 2015

Breaking the Blanket Part 1 - Overload

One of the biggest advantages for the attacking team faced with the Blanket Defence is that it allows alot of unpressurised time on the ball for players out the field. This presents huge opportunities for the attacking team, if they are smart and well rehearsed. In basket ball, teams use different types of formations during the game to unsettle defences. This means they are unpredictable and harder to play against. Teams should use the time they have on the ball to stretch the blanket, role the blanket up, and tear the blanket apart, not just run into the blanket.

Why not call a different formation every time you attack when faced with the blanket defence. People will say that basketball is only 5 players, and is easier to organise, but to this we say, where there is a will there's a way.

Over the next few weeks we will present different Principles of play that can be used to help break down the blanket. These are not definitive, but more of a platform from which you can develop your own ideas.