Posted by GaelicPerformance on 3rd Oct 2014

Catch and Kick - Casual Gaelic

The latest figures on Sports Participation in Ireland show that Gaelic Games accounts for only 4.0% of total numbers participating in sport. This is surprisingly low, given the perceived popularity of gaelic games. 

The obvious reason is the difficulty in playing a casual version of the sports, compared to say soccer. So when players finish playing, the literally finish playing.

Here is a game that we propose which uses the skills of gaelic football, and would allow people to enjoy the sport in a non physical manner.

The video below explains the basic concept, and the following rules should be added in

The zones on each side should be at least 20m by 20 m , and up to 40m by 40m

Every time a player kicks the ball, they must touch the base line of their zone, before coming back into the zone

Players must kick the ball within 8 seconds of receiving it.

The game could be played in 5 a side soccer pitches and in teams of 2, 3 or 4, where the dimensions of the pitch could be changed.

If we played sets up to 10 points, a player would have to run at least 300 m every set, where speed and agility are vital.

If you are a coach, maybe you can add your own ideas, and give us some feedback.