Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on 12th Dec 2019

Defending against the Mark

How Would You Defend Against The Mark?

Somebody asked this question yesterday. They were referencing the new "mark rules", and being a defender in the full back line.

Here was my reply - In general, your number one priority is to deny clean possession in the Scoring Zone

  • Just focus on the man. In fact, face the man, denying opportunities for "The Dinky Ball" ( short 20-25 M Passes will make up the majority of marks)
  • Do not switch off, even for a second. You now don't get a chance to defend.
  • Learn your opponents body language, and how they position their body, especially their hands, as the ball is being delivered.
  • Practice anticipating the moment before the ball arrives, without having vision of the full flight of the ball, and getting a hand in
  • Insist that there is serious pressure on the kicker in the "Set Up Zone"
  • Develop clear communications with your goal keeper