Posted by GaelicPerformance on 16th May 2015

Score at Either End

While we don't really feel there is a need to change the current rules, we felt that Joe Brolly's article in the Sunday Independent was a good starting point for a debate on the subject of "Rule Changes to counter the Blanket Defence".

At senior level,lets not try and cod ourselves that we play only for the love of the game. Winning is really all that matters,and as such, coaches are perfectly entitled to set up what ever way they like. Whether or not using the blanket defence is the best way to achieve success is another debate, but managers aren't there just to play nice football, they are there to get results.

The problem with the blanket approach is that it filters down to underage, as misinformed managers, adopt the same win at all costs attitude. Been there, done that!! If this turns our young players and their parents off playing Gaelic Football, then we do have a problem.

If this is to be combated through rule change, then this is 1 solution that might change the game for the better.


The rules changes are as follows:

  1. You can score points in your own goals, but you can only score a point once you have crossed the opposition 45.
  2. If you cross the opposition 45 , and decide to try for a point in your own goal, once you cross the half way line, you cannot come back

Changes to scores:

Point in your own goal = 1

Point in opposition goal = 2

Goal in opposition goal = 4

By adding in these simple rules:

Teams will no longer be able to play with a blanket

Players will enjoy the game more, as the corner back now will have a chance to regularly score.

Match ups will become far more exciting

The game will be much faster

The game will be much more open

There will be far more scores in the game