Posted by GaelicPerformance on 28th Nov 2015

The Black Friday Lesson

Yesterday, I think my inbox nearly exploded with "Black" Friday emails.... 50% off this, 20% off that.

I found myself asking the question,why? If marketing and selling is all about differentiating yourself from the competition, it was definitely self defeating for alot of companies.

The real answer to this question has to be - FOMO -Fear of missing out, if the opposition is doing it, we better do it. This tick the box marketing culture surrounds alot of companies and makes them pretty boring - " Black Friday Offer" TICK.... "Press Release December" TICK

When it comes to coaching teams, there is a similar culture out there, as many managers and coaches follow what is perceived to be successful. If the club down the road runs 10k every day, we better do the same. If they are playing a 2 man full forward line, maybe we should too.

It takes a brave coach to develop and stick with an idea of your own. But as the old saying goes " Fortune favours the Brave" - Just look at Jim Mc Guinness and Jim Gavin - These two men came up with ideas, stuck with them, and reaped the benefits. 

On the flip side of this - when you see teams copying what you are doing, you know you are onto a winner. So who's copying you?