Posted by GaelicPerformance on 12th Aug 2015

The problem with cones.....

Without doubt, cones are one of the most useful inventions when it comes to running training sessions.

Some would also argue that coaches should not need cones to conduct a session, as there are no cones during the game - Fair enough.

But for coaches who do use cones, be aware of what cones can also teach.... 

They can teach players to play with their heads down.

Take for example shuttle runs...players are always told to "go around the cones"

To do this, they must look at the ground each time they turn. Done enough times, a head down habit can form.

Teach your players to play with their heads up, with or with out the ball. And, its not just the cones that are causing this problem.... What else are you doing that is forcing them to look at the ground?

HEAD UP, is the most under valued skill of them all.