Posted by GaelicPerformance on 22nd Oct 2015

The Ronnie Delaney Rehearsal...

Yesterday on the Ray D'arcy Radio show on RTE, there was an excellent piece with former Olympic Champion Ronnie Delaney.

Two things really stood out from the interview.

Firstly, how humble Ronnie Delaney was, as he thanked Ray for asking questions that sort of jogged his memory. It was a brilliant piece of radio.

Secondly, what listeners might not have picked up on was his preparation for the Olympics in 1956, where he won the Gold Medal.The final piece of preparation was very interesting.

Ronnie's coach got him to run through the finishing tape, to physically rehearse winning the race, and told him he was now ready.

How many of us train without rehearsing. Seeing how things will unfold in the minds eye is a powerful thing, but adding a physical dimension to this can bring preparation to a new level