Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on 2nd Feb 2018

The Sprint Finish

If you've ever integrated any kind of running into your training, no doubt you've done intervals of some kind.

Here's a set I done last night , with a slight twist.

5 mins Rolling

Warm up - 5 Min Light pace run......

10 x 200 M With 1 minute rest between sets

Cool Down - 5 min Light pace run

5 mins - Light Rolling

Each 200M consisted of running the first 150M at 80% of your max speed, which is ‘Hard”. The final 50 M is 90-100%. In other words, the last 50M was as hard as I could go.

Game Logic: Without getting into energy systems, etc, This will predominately train your anaerobic capacity or in a game sense , your ability to run hard, often, and still be able to have that change of pace needed to make a difference.