Posted by Dermot MC Ardle on 6th Mar 2018

The "Storm Emma" Lesson

We are after experiencing one of the worst weather events in Ireland in decades. While the weather itself was remarkable, what is even more remarkable is the low numbers of fatalities and injuries that it caused.

We were hearing from the powers that be for about one week before the storm arrived, how serious it was going to be. This gave people and the authorities ample time to get prepared for what was coming.

There is a huge lesson in this. Every match that you ever play is a kin to a storm, and most of the time, you have at least a week to prepare. 

You need to ask yourself, are you really preparing properly for the coming storm. We're not talking about nutrition, hydration, etc.... we're talking about the fine details, the what if's? If you have the time, you have no excuses, especially with all the modern technology that is at your finger tips.

Some people will say that over analysis takes the enjoyment out of the game. It probably does, and there is a time and a place for off the cuff football. But I've never got any enjoyment what so ever on being on the receiving end of a 1 point or a 10 point defeat, especially when it was my direct opponent who done the damage.