Posted by GaelicPerformance on 8th Sep 2015

The Ultimate Team Player

For years Bernard Brogan was seen as a very stylish, individual type player. The type of player who could win a game on his own. But the flip side to this was that he often took on things that were near impossible, which would result in wides and turnovers, but most of all, fuel for the opposition when things went wrong. It gave them belief.

But how things have changed. Brogan now not only plays for his teammates, but he seems to have developed a complete awareness of the importance of "Dublin" as a county and a brand. Its as if when you look at Brogans performances, they reflect how the new Dublin now operate. Its all about the collective. He has become the Ultimate Team Player.

Kerry have this team first mentality.  When a Kerry sub comes on to the field, its never about making a name for themselves, its always about adding to the team. This quality now exists in the Dublin team,and this is why they are contenders every year.

When you look back through the great great players, they all seem to have this quality, Canavan, Shefflin, Cooper, Joyce. 

Is this something that develops with maturity? Perhaps. When players are young, they just want to play, be part of the excitement, and take the plaudits. Its all about me!!

The most interesting thing is that when individual players become ultimate team players, they in turn become the ultimate individual player.