Posted by Dermot Mc Ardle on 15th Mar 2022

You Should Have More Ambitious Goals....

No doubt, at this stage, most of you have set individual and team goals for 2022.

You know....
Specific +Measurable - Win Championship / Cover 8k in every game/ Concede no goals/ 60% Conversion
Agreed - Do you/we all believe you/we can achieve it
Realistic - Can you really play with the county if you're not playing with the club
Time Oriented - Set yourself a deadline
Exciting - make sure the goal is something that energises you
Recorded - Write it down, and put the goal somewhere it can be seen every day

Your goals can be:
Short term - No Turnovers today ( Better to keep these skill focused)
Long term - Make the county panel ( End result focused)

If you haven't done so yet, you probably should set some goals for your next training, next game, year ahead, and next 3 years. Just so you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it by.

If you have set goals, you can probably be more ambitious. No turnovers today could become no turnovers, and 1 assist. Make the panel could become make the team, or even better, become the first choice corner back ( More Specific). Most of us are guilty of not thinking big enough, and that those "big" goals would only be for someone else, or some other team.

Either way, once you have set your goals, every decision you make should now become easy.

By doing this ( whatever "this" is) , will it increase or decrease the probability of achieving my/our goal?

Some Examples...

To be injury free this year - Will I head out with the Girls/Lads tonight, even though I have training in the morning.
To win have a conversion rate of 60%+ - Play cross field games most of the time in training?
To make the championship team - Will I book this holiday for July?