Posted by GAELICperformance on 5th Jun 2024

Who Came Up With That Way Of Playing?

As coaches, having the fundamentals in place is crucial, but we should also be creative about how we try to get ahead of other teams. However, most of the time, we don't.

We often look at the best teams and say, "This is what Dublin does, this is what Kerry does, this is what Limerick does," and so on. We then try to apply these strategies to our own teams. No doubt, we should learn from these great teams. However, the issue lies in the fact that most other coaches are also learning from these teams. So, unless you have the best players, your chances of becoming the best team are limited.

There is a great risk in trying new ideas or ways of playing. No one enjoys hearing " he hasn't a clue", and this is the go-to phrase to describe a GAA coach who attempts something new and fails. But,
when you look back at many breakthroughs in team sports where the "new thing" worked, you'll find that a daring coach who walked the thin line between being clueless and genius was behind it.

There are great ideas in every coach, believing in yourself to try them, and having the ability and discipline to perfect them, is where the real battle is.