Who are we and what we want to do....

GAELICperformance was started in 2005, with the mission to advance gaelic games through innovation. Since then we launched many initiatives and products with this in mind. Some proved to be successful and others were " learning opportunities. 

Today, our mission has changed to " Making High Performance Available To All Gaelic Teams and Players".

This mission is built from the following :

In our opinion, there are a few problems worth looking at within the GAA today:

1) Money - Most clubs need it now more than ever. GPS units, New balls, gym equipment, lights, etc etc. Every penny counts, and the demand is endless.

Our Solution : Every month I will put up €1000 cash, that any customer can apply for, for their club. It will be a quick form where you explain how it will help your club ( It can be anything within reason, and we will pick it randomly). We'll do this every month, until we can afford to up it to then €1500, then €2000..... then €10,000 etc etc based on T/O. There's no limit, but on the flip side, if our online sales are crap, we will have to stop it. 

Over time, we will formalise this arrangement to a % of T/O

2) High Performing Gear, at affordable prices for players. I've seen it over the last few months with our end of season sale on FLATfit mouthguards. We literally cannot keep them in stock...... the majority of Gaelic Players want good value on core products, but want the products to perform.

Our Solution: We will be a DTC platform only, where players can buy High Performing Products at Affordable Prices

We will start with:  FLATfit Mouthguards, NXTBLL Gloves, and NXTBLL Grip Socks, adding new products as cash flow allows.

3) Someway to help clubs get the same or better results using in club people.( In essence remove the financial doping problem from GAA, where the club with the biggest pockets increases the probability of winning. Is it fair to say that every club now needs a big backer to compete? )

Possible Solution: Develop a suite of affordable tools, a bank of education, and a mentorship/support program that gives in club people the confidence to " do the job "
Live monitoring of player load with GPS or other tech , Video Analysis, Program Prescription + Accountability, Nutrition+ accountability. 

This is a big big project, but we are hoping to start on the live monitoring piece in the next month.